Latest News

Ground level
We have managed to significantly progress with the construction within last two weeks. We have reached the terrain level and building itself will soon be more visible from the street, eventhough it still will be partially covered by necessary protective fences and containers for workers nearby. Read more
Construction continues successfully – currently iron is being bound before casting the base plate. Read more
Controlled sewer pipe pushing
The pipe pushing securing the sewer connection is ready, so we can start the final excavation of the soil to the foundation joint. Part of the base layer under the foundation slab is already concreted, which will form the bottom of the white tank of our house. The workers will also bare the pile heads for us, so that we can then tie the rods to the base plate. Read more
Preparation for earthworks
The secondary buildings adjacent to our construction site have already been successfully captured by jet grouting; steel beams forming micro-supports are also in place. Now we need to replace the equipment with excavators and we can start gradually digging the construction pit. Read more