Available units

Apartment number Floor Type Disposition Area Balcony/Terrace Cellar Price incl. VAT Status PDF
2.01 2. floor Studio 2+kk 53,4 m2 - 2,3 m2 6 943 000 Kč Available
2.02 2. floor Studio 1+kk 46,6 m2 - 1,8 m2 5 525 000 Kč Available
2.03 2. floor Apartment 3+kk 99,3 m2 7,6 m2 2,5 m2 12 788 000 Kč Available
2.04 2. floor Studio 1+kk 45,0 m2 3,6 m2 1,4 m2 - Sold
2.05 2. floor Apartment 3+kk 103,9 m2 14,2 m2 2,9 m2 12 842 000 Kč Available
2.06 2. floor Studio 2+kk 46,7 m2 - 2,1 m2 - Reserved

The purchase of an apartment is tied to the purchase of at least one garage parking space.


The list of units and the price list is for information only and is not a proposal to execute a contract. The developer reserves the right to change the prices quoted. Price including VAT is only approximate.

Method of calculating the floor area of an apartment in the unit: The floor area of the apartment within the meaning of Government Decree No. 366/2013 Coll. – The floor area of the apartment in the unit consists of the floor area of all rooms of the apartment, including the floor area of all vertical load-bearing and non-load-bearing structures inside the apartment such as walls, columns, pillars, chimneys and similarly vertical structures. The floor area is defined by the inner face of the vertical structures bordering the apartment, including their surface finishes, not including the shaft adjacent to the load-bearing wall. Also included is the floor area covered by built-in items, such as cabinets in the walls of the apartment, baths and other furnishings in the interior of the apartment.